Martial Universe : E01 - 12/09/2019


Lin Dong is an average boy who hasn't been favored by his family. One day, to buy medicine for his ill father, he participates in a martial art match and gets a mysterious artifact. From then, he gets approached by many people from various clan. The object, legend says, will help its owner to cultivate the very sophisticated martial arts and become Jiangho's greatest fighter. Lin Dong leaves his small town and train to become the true owner of the artifact. On the way, he is accompanied by three people: Ling Qingzhu, a highly-skilled fighter; Ying Huanhuan, daughter of the leader of Dao Sect; Lin Langtian, his good friend and the next leader of Lin Clan. Through grit and determination, Lin Dong becomes the most respected fighter. He soon discovers the evil plot that might put everything in danger and decides to save the world.

Tags MZ Media, drama, martial universe, action,adventure,romance,fantasy,martial arts, Yang Yang, Crystal Zhang, Claudia Wang, Claudia Wang, Shi Xiao Long, Ada Liu, Li Rise, Yang Hao Yu, Ning Xiao Hua, Don

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