Man in a Veil : Canceled Episode


Tae-poong is a man in his 20s whose intellectual level remains seven years old because of an accident. His mother, Ms. Lee, tries to marry him to someone who will care for him as much as she does. Enter Han sisters, the fraternal twins who grew up with Tae-poong. Yoo-jeong is in love with Tae-poong, but her greedy sister Yoo-ra, who gets pregnant with another man's baby, lies that the baby is Tae-poong's. When the truth reveals, however, Ms. Lee gets framed as the hit-and-run suspect. Tae-poong also gets involved in a fatal accident that put him in a grave danger. He manages to survive, thanks to a nice lady who nurses back to health. As he finally understands everything that happened to his family, he sets only one goal in his life: revenge.

Tags KBS,Drama,Man in a Veil,Kang Eun-tak,Uhm Hyun-kyung,Lee Chae-young,Yang Mi-kyeong

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