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Lovers in Prague : E18


[New episode released on Mon/Tue] Sang-hyun works as a police detective and supports Hye-joo, his girlfriend studying in Prague. When she breaks up with him on the phone with no explanation, Sang-hyun flies to Prague to find her. Yoon Jae-hee, a South Korean President's daughter and a diplomat in Prague, happens to help Sang-hyun, that gets himself into an accident in the street. He asks her to help find his vanished girlfriend, and Jae-hee agrees if he also helps her. They soon become friends, and while moving on from heartbreaks, they keep their new friendship from Prague to Seoul.

Tags Drama,Romance,Jeon Do-yeon,Kim Joo-hyuk,Kim Min-joon,Yoon Se-ah,Lovers in Prague,SBS

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