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Lovers is a love story between two people from totally different backgrounds. Kang-jae is the No. 2 in his crime organization, doing all the dirty work for his boss but never being welcomed by the boss's family. He is reluctant to open his mind to or love someone until a woman appears in front of him like a savior. The woman, Mi-joo, is from an average and happy family. She is now a famous plastic surgeon but is more interested in finding a romance rather than saving people's lives. One day, a man with bleeding wounds appears in front of her, and she can't help but treat him. But she doesn't expect she could fall in love with the man, Kang-jae, who is different from her in many ways.

Tags Drama,Romance,Lee Seo-jin,Kim Jung-eun,Jung Chan,Kim Kyi-ri,Lovers ,SBS

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