Love Affairs in the Afternoon : E16


Based on a Japanese TV series, the melodrama focuses on the minds of the adulterers in the new but familiar context. Ji-eun is married for five years with no kid. She feels suffocated by a life that would never change. Then, one day, a family moved into a house across hers. Su-a, the new neighbor, is who Ji-eun always wanted to be: she is beautiful, confident, and wealthy. When she watches Su-a having an affair, however, Ji-eun gets pulled into a territory that she's never dreamed of.

Tags melodrama,romance,drama,love affairs in the afternoon,Park Ha-sun,Ye Ji-won,Lee Sang-yeob,Jo Dong-hyuk,Jung Sang-hoon,Choi Byung-mo,Ryu Abel,Yoo Seo-jin,Kim Mi-Kyung,Shin Soo-yeon,Sim Hye-y

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