Live or Die : E01


Poong-sang is a middle-aged man who has been taking care of his younger siblings for decades. Even though they are all adults, Poong-sang's life as a caregiver doesn't seem to end. Jin-sang is still unemployed; Jung-sang is successful but feels ashamed of her incompetent siblings; Hwa-sang feels inferior to her twin sister and is emotionally deprived; the youngest, Oe-sang, feels lost after giving up his dream as a baseball player. While running an auto-shop and taking care of brothers and sisters, Poong-sang cannot give much attention to his own family. So when his teenage daughter gets into real trouble and his wife is in shock, he is completely lost. 

Tags KBS, drama, Yoo Jun-sang, Oh Ji-ho, Jeon Hye-bin, Lee Si-young, Lee Chang-yeop, Shin Dong-mi, Lee Bo-hee, Park In-hwan, Kim Ji-young, Ki Eun-se, Song Jong-ho, Choi Sung-hae, Lee Sang-sook, Choi Dae-ch

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