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Live Again Love Again

Movie Info.


Live Again Love Again


Melo/Romance, Drama

Director / Writer

Han Sang-hee


Jung Chae-yeon, San E, Chi Pu, Choi Jong-nam, Jin Joo-hyung


Ji-pil was an unknown songwriter, but his girlfriend, Yoon-hee, always loved and supported him. When he got success, however, he chose to leave her. Shocked and devastated, Youn-hee traveled to Vietnam, where she always wanted to go, and killed herself. Learning about her death, Ji-pil falls into the slump. One day he listens to a great piano song on Youtube, but the performer, Mi, refuses his offer to sell the song. After crashing with his agent, Ji-pil gets on a plane to go to Vietnam and meet me, by accident, as his tour guide. Mi says that even though she played the song, the song seems to belong to the previous owner of her old piano. The instrument once belonged to a beautiful Vietnamese girl who fell in love with a Korean soldier. When the soldier was shot to death, the girl poured all her sorrow and made the beautiful song. Ji-pil finds Yoon-hee's soul in the song and misses her while listening to the music.



Running Time

97 min

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