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Life of Samantha : E04 - 12/01/2019


How much do you know about cheetas besides that they are the fastest mammals on the earth? To get to know these relatively unknown creatures, we are going to Africa! LIFE OF SAMANTHA, the four-part docuseries, observe a female cheetah at Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, which takes care of three cubs all alone. It's only up to her raising cubs to fully-grown cheetas, so she hunts to feed them fully and protect them from other beasts of prey, such as lions and hyenas. At the harshest and cruelest environment, even for a grown cheetah, she keeps fighting for her and the cubs' survival. With Samantha and other creatures, we can not only learn about the lives of wild animals but feel impressed and humbled by Samatha's never giving up on her and the cubs' lives.

Tags documentary,nature,life of samantha,Kim Nam-gil

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