Less Than Evil : E01


Based on the BBC hit crime series LUTHER, the show follows Tae-suk, a homicide detective who does everything he can do and more to find the perpetrator. He has the record of highest crime solving rate, but his excessive obsession and aggressive approach to the cases cause numerous troubles. He became a "walking time bomb" of the force when his rookie mistake costed the life of the victim, a teenage girl. Then, he decided to become a "bad one" if that way could help him catch the culprit. One day, he meets Sun-jae, a young woman who is suspected of killing her parents. Tae-suk is the only one who discovers the violent and murderous tendency in her. So she sticks around him to become an uncertain partner in crime solving. They conduct the investigation on several crimes that might be connected, and gradually uncover the real identity of the murder.

Tags MBC, drama, crime, Shin Ha-kyun, Lee Seol, Park Ho-san, Kim gun-woo, Cha Sun-woo, Bae Da-bin, Bae Yu-ram, Yang Ki-won, Yoon Hee-seok, Ryu Tae-ho, Kim Na-yoon, Hong Eun-hee, Cho Yi-hyun

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