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Legend of Fuyao : E18 - 03/08/2019


[::Notice::] Please click the Subtitles button located in the bottom right of the video player for Korean Subtitles. ======================================= The story takes place in the land of Five Kingdoms where the peace is about to be unsettled. Fuyao, a slave from Xuanyuan sect, meets Zhangsun Wuji, a crown prince of Taiyuan kingdom who is under a secret mission to put down the unrest. When Fuyao masters Xuanyuan sect's lost fight technique, she has no choice but to leave the Xuanyuanshan to survive. She starts the quest to learn how to unlock five seals in her body. The only lead is a five-color-stone she has had since a baby. Wuji fears that Fuyao might spill his secrets, but he tries to help Fuyao whenever she is in trouble. One thing led to another, the two fall in love. Now they have to stop Chancellor Jejin's treason against the Taiyuan kingdom, discover Fuyao's true identity, and fight against the ultimate evil that threatens the peace of the Five Kingdom world.

Tags Legend of Fuyao,romance, fantasy, period,Yang Mi, Ethan Juan, Liu Yijun, Gao Wei Guang, Lion Lai Yi, Zhang Yaqin, Huang Youming,Li Yixiao

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