Left-handed Wife : E95


San-ha married the love of her life, but her husband, Soo-ho, went missing on honeymoon. Five years later, working at a cosmetic researcher, San-ha still finds Soo-ho. When she meets Do-kyung, a potential successor of a big cosmetic company, she senses Soo-ho's presence from him, even though Do-kyung's appearance is completely different from Soo-ho. The truth is, however, Do-kyung is Soo-ho: he got faced-off with deceased Do-kyung after surviving a fatal car accident. Soo-ho starts to live as Do-kyung, but he sometimes feels that his life belongs to someone else. But that woman, San-ha, might be an important person from his now-erased memories from the past. In order to know what the feeling is, two people must solve the mysteries around Soo-ho/Do-kyung's accident. 

Tags KBS, Drama, Lee Soo-kyung, Kim Jin-woo, Jin Tae-hyun, Ha Yeon-joo, Lee Seung-yeon, Seonwoo Yong-nyeo, Kang Nam-gil, Jung Chan

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