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Law Of The Jungle In Chatham Islands : E354 - 03/09/2019


The new survival story begins. "Chief" Kim Byung-man accompanies with the newest Byung-man clan and arrives at the Chatham Islands, a remote islands rarely untouched by the civilization. On the island, they have to "go back to the beginning" and live for days without modern tools. They hunt animals and gather foods with tools they make using materials around them. This might the hardest survival Byung-man clan has ever experienced.

Tags SBS, Variety, reality, Kim Byung-man, Don Spike, kim In-kwon, Kin Jong-min, Moon Ga-bi, Nara, Baekho, Kim Seung-soo, Julien Kang, Kang Kyung-joon, Kang Gi-young, Yoon Park, Bora, Nancy, Park Sung-kwan

Law Of The Jungle In Chatham Islands - Episode

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