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Law of the Jungle: Hunter and Chef : E422 - 10/17/2020


The second season of Law of the Jungle in Korea is 'The Hunter and the Chef,' gathering various ingredients from nature and make the dishes. The show takes place on a small island in the West Sea nicknamed 'the Sand Island' because of the beautiful sandy beach. Several celebrities join Kim Byung-man, including Lim Ji-ho, the 'Wandering Chef' who creates unique culinary experiences from the unexpected ingredients. Kim will lead the hunt and gathering with other members, while Lim will make delicious meals with gathered ingredients. You can watch Kim, Lim, and other celebrities enjoy the beautiful scenery, appreciate the quiet surroundings, and have a rare experience in a remote island.

Tags SBS, Variety, Reality, Law of the Jungle: Hunter and Chef, Kim Byung-man, Lim Ji-ho, Kim Gu-ra, Kim Kang-woo

Law of the Jungle: Hunter and Chef - Episode

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