Last Child

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Last Child



Director / Writer

Shin Dong-seok


Choi Moo-Seong,Kim Yeo-jin,Sung Yoo-bin,Kim Kyung-ik,Yeong-dong Mun,Lee Hwa-ryong,Park Chan,Kim Do-young,Lee David


Sung-chul and Mi-sook recently lost their only son, Eun-chan: he drowned in a river saving a classmate on a field trip. While Mi-sook deeply mourns Eun-chan, Sung-chul honors his deed and tries to live a life. One day, Sung-chul meets Ki-hyun, the class his son saved. After the accident, he quits school and does part-time jobs to make ends meet. Sung-chul hires him as an intern at his workplace and supports him to learn skills. Mi-sook, who was at first hostile to Ki-hyun, tries to take care of him. Ki-hyun feels thankful to them for caring for him, but cannot fully appreciate the hospitality because of his consciousness. Finally, Ki-hyun reveals the truth about Eun-chan's accident, which forever turns the nature of the relationship among them.



Running Time

124 min

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