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Gangnam Scandal follows a young woman who is too desperate for money do a ridiculous thing: being Cinderella. So-yoo is a hard working woman in her 20s, but needs money for her mother's liver translation surgery. That’s why she accepts a ludicrous request to seduce Choi Seo-joon, an heir to a big construction company. Seo-joon is a fun-loving guy who doesn't believe the possibility that someone would love him as himself, not his fortune. So he feels curious about So-yoo's confidence and diligence. They gradually fall for each other, forgetting the reason that they met. Se-hyun, Seo-joon's good friend who loves So-yoo for a very long time, gets furious about their romance. Seo-joon's rivals in the company conspire to have him deprived of his heirship. But the real crisis starts when Seo-joon is diagnosed with an incurable illness.

Tags SBS, drama, soap opera, Shin Go-eun, Lim Yoon-ho, Seo Do-young, Hwang Bo-mi, Won Ki-joon, Lee Yoo-jin

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