Justice : E08


Lee Tae-kyung is a star lawyer. He has been exercising his legal prowess for the 0.1% to escape proper justice. Long before he becomes an attorney, he lost his brother who died working as a delivery man, realizing that law is not for the powerless and penniless. Blinded by rage, he intended to kill someone, but a gentleman comes and offers a deal. That Man, Song Woo-young, is CEO of a construction company. He once was humiliated by influential people in front of his family. Not to repeat the past, he becomes a royal servant for the upper class while pursuing higher power. Two men's partnership has thrived, but a series of missing young actress put the relationship into the test. Approaching to the truth behind the incidents, LEE discovers what he has been missing; the purpose of his life is to get revenge for his brother. As good and evil are continually changing, two men have no choice to clash against each other.

Tags drama,thriller,justice, Choi Jin-Hyuk, Son Hyun-joo, Nana, Park Sung-hoon, Zuny, Lee Hak-ju, Kim Hee-Chan, Jang In-sub, Cho Dal-hwan, Lee Seo-hwan, Kim Ji-hyun, Yang Hyun-min, Ji Hye-won, Kim Min-seok

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