Joseon Survival : E04 - 06/16/2019


Han Jung-rok may be a loser. He once was an exceptional archer and selected to represent the country. However, an unfortunate incident cost him what he accomplished. Working as a delivery man, all he wants now is to make ends meet and live a quiet life with his family. One day, he accidentally travels back to the 16th century Chosun and meets an enraged young man. Lim Kkuck-jung was born in a low class. Like his father, he is meant to be a butcher, a disdained occupation. His potential and passion are insignificant in the class-societal medieval kingdom. Two men, angered by their societies, decide to work with each other to survive. They must travel through time and protect everything they love from malignant enemies.

Tags TV Chosun, Drama,fantasy,drama,Kang Ji-hwan, Kyung Soo-jin, Song Won-seok, Park Se-wan, Lee Jae-yoon, Yoon Ji-min, Kim Kwang-sik

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