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It's Ramyeon Time : E01 - 09/30/2020


For all of the local snack bar owners struggling from COVID-19! 'Ramen Time' develops extraordinary ramen recipes that can be used by any restaurant owners. Boom and Jang Sung-gyu are hosts and the head of each team simultaneously, while Seunghee and Binnie from OHMYGIRL help them. Celebrities like Kim Jong-min and Nucksal team up for recipe competition, and Kim Soo-mi, Chef Kang Yong-seok, and others are the judges to decide which team presents the most delicious ramen recipe. Let's take a look at unique ramen recipes with different charms!

Tags SBS, Variety, Food, It's Ramyeon Time, Jang Sung-gyu, Boom, Kim Su-mi, Kangnam

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