It's OK, Dad : E02


Park Yong-ho just retired from the job he worked for 30 years. He dreamed of being a drummer a long time ago, but he chose to support his then-pregnant girlfriend, Kyung-hee. When he anticipates pursuing his real dream, he gets diagnosed at an early stage with Alzheimer's. Now he fears being useless and a burden to his family. He tries to be a housekeeper while other family works, but he messes things up, not tying them up. The only comfort he can get is from the band from the basement that he accidentally helped before. Despite the doctor's warning, Yong-ho tries to keep his diagnosis from the family until the 30th wedding anniversary. On the day, however, every conflict they have erupts, and the relationship worsens. Witnessing his family falling apart, he makes a big decision about his future.

Tags 815 Pictures, drama, music, It's OK, Dad, Ahn Nae-sang, Jeon Mi-seon, Kwon Hae-sung, Park A-in

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