It's My Life : E72


Yang Nam-Jin is an average guy from a small fish town. While running an employment agency, he always volunteers to help the community. He was raised by a single mother. But, as it turns out, he is from a rich family! Now Nam-Jin is a grandson of the chairman and a potential heir for a fashion conglomerate. Aiming to the top, he is ready to compete with Grandfather's other grandson, Choi Si-Woo. But the company isn’t the only thing they want to take from one another. Enters Han Seung-Joo, a strong-willed woman who wants to make her own name as a fashion designer. With Jin-A, Nam-Jin’s first love who is desperate for success, they have an unpredictable love square. Will there be happiness and love at the end of their journey? Starring Park Youn-Jae, this soap opera is a bright story about courage and the power of the truth.

Tags KBS1,drama,soap opera,Park Yoon-jae,Seo Hyo-rim,Kang Tae-sung,Kim Hye-ri,Kang Shin-il,Hong Yo-seo,Lee Jong-nam,Cho Duk-hyun,Yu Jee-yeon,Yuk Dong-il,Song Min-ji,Nam Il-woo

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