아이템 : E01 - 02/11/2019


Based on a webtoon series, the show follows people who track a powerful, mysterious item. Kang Gon is a young, uncompromising prosecutor who stumbles upon the item. When Kang's niece is in danger, he decides to dive into the secrets and conspiracies around it. Luckily, he makes an ally. Shin so-young is a profiler who handles a mysterious murder case related to the item. She thinks the item is the very key to solve the crime, and she ends up working with Kang. In order to figure out 'what' the item is, the two have to face a powerful enemy who wants the ultimate power that belongs to the item.

Tags MBC, drama, mystery, fantasy, Ju Ji-hoon, Jin Se-yeon, Kim Kang-woo, Kim Yoo-ri, Park Won-sang, Lee Dae-yeon, Oh Seung-hun, Shin Rin-ah

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