Intercept You : E23


Nowadays, with a small camera, some skills, and creativity, you can be a contents creator. So celebrities who usually work in front of a camera challenge themselves to be a creator. In 'Intercept! You', each creator produces own Vlog(Video+Blog). They hope to appeal to viewers and raise the viewership. The goal? 1 million! Themes are varied: everyday life, mukbang, quick games with friends, etc. Kang Ho-dong, Yang Se-hyung, Seungri challenge themselves in every step to make their own video. Seolhyun and Chanmi(AOA) also features as a special guest, trying to show their everyday lives as average 20-something girls.

Tags Intercept You, Variety, SBS, Kang Ho-dong, Lee Young-ae, Yang Se-hyung

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