I Will Not Work Overtime, Period : E02-1


Yui Higashiyama works at a web company. She has an excellent reputation for efficiency, precision, and social skills. She also insists on getting off work on time, which her boss and some co-workers don't understand. The reason she sticks to the leave work on time is that she had an accident after overworking. Since then, she always tries to balance her life and work, which keeps her working without a burnout. The show follows her and her diverse colleagues' lives and careers: Mitani, whose overwork sometimes causes deterrence at work; Yae, who tries to catch up at work after maternity leave; Taneda, who costs the romantic relationship for career, and others.

Tags TBS, Drama, Japanese, I Will Not Work Overtime, Period, Yuriko Yoshitaka, Osamu Mukai, Tokio Emoto

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