I Started Following Romance : E01


In-byul is a self-proclaimed master of "playing alone." It's been three years since she broke up with her boyfriend. Now, she feels more comfortable playing by herself. When she goes to a movie theater to watch a movie by herself, just like any other day, she meets a stranger who sits next to her. They happen to share delicious stir-friend pork in a restaurant. Coincidentally, Jin, her ex-boyfriend, sees her sweating hard after eating spicy food in front of another man. Though they broke up three years ago, In-byul doesn't want to show her not-so-pretty side to her first love. Moreover, Sung-jae, who provide the very reason of her agony, keeps showing up on her Instagram feed and her real life. In-byul's daily life starts to get filled with unfinished love with Jin and the new possibility of romance with Sung-jae.

Tags Web Drama,romance,romantic comedy

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