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I Live Alone : E418 - 10/22/2021


Do You Live Alone?

So Do Some of Your Favorite Stars!

With the number of single-person households ever increasing, 1/3 of Korean celebrities are living alone, too. There are fathers living alone with their family studying abroad, married couples who see each other only in the weekends, young men from the rural parts of Korea who are still adjusting to city life in Seoul, and men who just prefers to live by themselves. “I Live Alone” is a documentary-type reality TV show that looks at each of their single life. Whether you live alone or not, you’ll definitely find something you can relate to in these celebrities.

Tags I Live Alone,Simon Dominic,No Hong Chul,Kim Yong Gun,Kim Min Joon,Jeon Hyun Moo,Fabian,Kim KwangKyu,Defcon,Yook Joong Wan,Henry,Park Na-rae,Lee Si-eon,Yoon Hyun-min,Han Jin,Han Hye-jin

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