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Kum-hee thinks she lives a decent life. She's supported her husband to become a successful plastic surgeon. And she has a peaceful life surrounded by a loving family. Her only wish now is to become a mother. After failing her sixth artificial insemination, she tells her husband that she wants to adopt a child. To Jun-hon, Kum-hee is the reason for his success. With her sacrifice, he becomes a famous doctor who gets an offer for a position at a big hospital. But his life gets twisted with two incidents: his mother comes back into his life, and he begins an affair with Sang-mi, daughter of the chairman of the hospital. After Jun-ho got caught cheating, Kum-hee's marriage is strained, causing the setback on her plan for adoption. Sang-won, Sang-mi's younger brother, wants to help Kum-hee make the marriage work, and he falls for her strongness and resilience.

Tags Home for Summer, drama,family,Lee Young-eun, Yoon Sun-woo, Lee Chae-young, Kim Sa-gwon, Na Hye-mi, Kim San-ho, Kim Hye-ok, Lee Han-wi, Kang Seok-woo, Moon Hie-kyung, Kim Ye-ryeong, Im Chae-won, Sohn J

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