High Class : E12


The story unfolds at HSC International School, a private school for the VVIPs in Jeju Island. Yeo-wool and Yi-chan, mother and son, are the newcomers to the school. Once a successful lawyer, Yeo-wool saw her life upside down when her husband got missing on their wedding anniversary. Not only did she find out that her husband lied about a lot of things, but she was also the prime suspect of the possible murder. Taking care of her son and avoiding everybody's attention, Yeo-wool decided to take up her root and moved to Jeju. Despite their best effort, the whispers and finger-pointing towards the mother and son don't seem to stop. Moreover, Yeo-wool finds out that her husband's biggest secret is right here at the school - his other woman.

Tags Drama ,Cho Yeo-jeong,Kim Ji-soo,Ha Joon,High Class,tvN

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