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Drama, Thriller

Director / Writer

Byun Young-joo


Lee Seon-gyoon, Kim Min-hee, Jo Seong-ha


Mun-ho and Seon-yeong are a couple engaged to be married who pull over at a rest stop on their way to meeting Mun-ho’s parents. When Mun-ho returns to the car with coffee, he finds the car door flung open in the pouring rain with the engine still running - his fiancée is nowhere to be found. In a desperate attempt to find his missing fiancée, Mun-ho rushes back to her apartment only to discover that it’s been cleared out. Trying to reach a co-worker or someone with information, he finds her employers don’t even exist. As he delves deeper, Mun-ho begins to realize that the woman he loves is not at all whom he thought her to be. Mun-ho enlists his cousin, former detective, Jong-geun, for help. While initially accepting the job to earn some extra cash, Jong-geun finds that piecing together the shards of this woman’s puzzle produces a horrifying picture.



Running Time

117 min

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