Heaven's Garden : E02


Jae-in lives a happy life with her husband, Tae-seob, and two daughters, Eun-soo and Hyun-soo. However, one day, her peaceful life is in jeopardy when Tae-seob suddenly disappears, and strangers show up at the doorstep demanding payback for Tae-seob's debt. While her husband is imprisoned, Jae-in and daughters go to Gomebae-ryung in Gangwon-do, where her father, Boo-shik, lives now. Boo-shik feels sorry for his daughter suddenly showing up and saying nothing about what happened, but he rarely expresses his sentiments to her. Meanwhile, Jae-in and girls have difficulty adjusting to a new life in Gombae-ryung, where people aren't exactly welcoming newcomers.

Tags Channel A,Drama,Heaven's Garden,Choi Bool-am,Yoo Ho-jung,Kim Ho-jin

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