Gumiho Recipe : E02 - 02/13/2021


Yeo-hee runs a vegetarian cafe at Jeonju Hanok Village. She is a thousands-old nine-tailed fox who still can't move on from Master Jin-woo, her first love a thousand years ago. One day, she finds out that Jin-woo has reincarnated, and now is Yoon-ho, a young and confident CEO. But Yoon-ho already gets engaged to another woman. Yeo-hee decides to seduce him to rekindle their long-lost love, and she asks Seung-hwan, a paramedic, to learn seduction in the modern age. Seung-hwan was devastated after his girlfriend dumped him. As he helps Yeo-hee, he slowly believes his chance to love someone again.

Tags KBS, drama, romance, musical, Gumiho Recipe, Ha Yoon-joo, Joo Jong-hyuk, Moo Jin-sung, Kim Na-ni

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