The Gu Family Book : E01


A Half Man-Half Monster's Quest to Become a Human Being

Starring Lee Yeon Hee, Choi Jin Hyuk, Lee Seung Ki and Su Ji

Gang-chi is a half-divine monster and half-human. His father, the fox, lost the love of his life - a human, while that human gave up their child once she found out who he was. So, Gang-chi, suddenly being orphaned, was raised by the Park family. He is an average young man, only a little faster and a little stronger. When enemies Gang-chi didn't know show up again and hurt people he loves, he unleashes his true power, ending up realizing what he is.

Tags Lee Yeon Hee,Choi Jin Hyuk,Lee Seung Ki,Su Ji,Drama,Korean Drama,VOD,Replay Gu Family Book

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