Goodbye Dear Wife : E13


Seung-hyuk and Seon-ah are married for five years. They gave up their dreams - MMA fighter and nun, respectively - and made a spectacular scene that led to the boisterous wedding. However, they are just like others: the passion and love they once had seemed long gone now, and they sometimes imagine what happened they didn't choose each other. Seung-hyuk misses Hyang-sook, who he lost not so long ago, while Seon-ah thinks about Hyun-chul, who mercilessly broke her heart. One day, however, the ones who got away show up to them. Will Seung-hyuk and Seon-ah's marriage survive?

Tags Channel A,drama,comedy,Goodbye Dear Wife,Ryu Si-won,Hong Soo-hyun,Park Ji-yoon,Kim Min-soo

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