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Good Casting : E10 - 05/26/2020


Baek Chan-mi is an agent of the National Intelligence Service. Once the youngest team leader, she now does the desk duty because of a botched mission three years ago that killed a team member. She thought she'd never work at the field again, until now. Out of nowhere, she is thrown into a field operation with two other agents: Ye-eun is a single mon who protects herself from the danger of the field job, and Mi-sun is a senior agent who gets pressured to resign. Now the are a secretary, an intern, and a janitor of a big corporation. They have to do their job, as well as handle the family who doesn't know what your real job is, an arrogant celebrity who secretly harasses you, and a new boss who keeps watching you with suspicion.

Tags SBS, Drama, Comedy, Action, Good Casting, Choi Kang-hee, Yoo In-young, Kim Ji-young, Lee Sang-yeob

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