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The small window of time in which a person’s life can be saved is called Golden Time. The drama tells stories of doctors fighting to sustain patients’ lives in golden time at an emergency center. Lee Min-woo, who was living a comfortable life, making money off oriental medicine doctors use his name to get prescribed medicine, comes to his senses after a traumatic experience of causing a patient’s death due to his negligence. After a painful contemplation, he decides to start over as an intern. He works under Choi In-hyuk, a doctor passionate about his duty, alongside with Kang Jae-in, an heiress to Sejoog Group that owns a medical school and five hospitals.

Tags Golden Time, drama, MBC, medical, Lee Sun-gyun, Hwang Jung-eum, Lee Sung-min, Song Sun-mi, Kim Sa-gwon, Song Yoo-ha

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