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Go Go 70s

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Go Go 70s



Director / Writer

Choi Ho/Choi Ho


Jo Seung-woo, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-woo, Lee Sung-min, Sohn Kyung-ho, Choi Min-chul, Kim Min-gyu, Hong Kwang-ho


Even in the 1970s, often considered by many to be the dark age for democracy and culture, the free spirit of art blossomed. Sang-gyu is a vocalist who makes a living by singing country songs at a small club near the U.S military base in Daegu. One day, fate brings Sang-gyu to Man-sik whose soulful guitar sound entrances Sang-gyu immediately. Two men recognizes the same fiery passion for music in the other’s eye and together they form a six-persons band “Devils.” Aspiring to be the best band in Korea, Devils comes to Seoul and competes in the “Playboy Group Sound Contest.” Devils wins the award and gets noticed by a well-known pop columnist Lee Byung-wook. However, they soon realize that the government’s military crackdown on decadent culture makes it difficult for them to find a chance to perform. Their big breakthrough comes when Lee Byung-wook invites them to perform at “Nirvana,” Korea’s first Go Go club. Devils acquires the fame as Korea’s first soul band and becomes the driving force of Go Go Midnight revolt against the political repression of artistic freedom.



Running Time

118 min

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