First Love Again : E03


The Man Who Has Lived in the Memories of the First Love and the Woman Who Has Erased the First Love Met Again After 8 Years.

Lee Ha-jin and Cha Do-yoon, ex-lovers, run into each other again, eight years after their painful breakup. Sweet and devoted Do-yoon has turned into a cold man harboring hatred and vengeance after being betrayed by his first love. Ha-jin has moved on and built a family for whom she’s working passionately while pursuing her career as a recipe developer. The drama portrays a wide array of emotions associated with the notion of first love. For some, first love is a precious memory they want to keep forever whereas it is an unhealed wound for others. By juxtaposing the love Ha-jin and Do-yoon had eight years ago with their changed feelings in present time, the drama reveals an intricate emotion of love and human desires.

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