Find Me in Your Memory : E01


Lee Jung-hoon, the anchor of the No. 1 news program, has a nickname: the gentle tyrant. Whenever he conducts interviews, he asks very detailed and acute questions and makes the interviewees reveal truths. His apparent perfection to the details is, in fact, the symptom of hyperthymesia, the condition in which sometimes he can recall pasts that he doesn't want to remember. His new interviewee is Yeo Ha-jin, a rising star who has millions of followers on social media and gets attention from the public whenever she says or does something. Jung-hoon, as usual, pushes Ha-jin with every little detail of her life. Despite being wrecked, she develops a massive crush on him, which makes him puzzled.

Tags MBC,drama,romance,Find Me in Your Memory,Kim Dong-wook,Moon Ga-young,Yoon Jong-hoon,Kim Seul-gi,Lee Joo-bin

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