Fiery Priest : E01


Father Kim Hae-il is not so priest-y. He is cynical and pessimistic. He has anger issues and compulsive behavior. Once a top agent at National Intelligence Service, he is a wrecked soul with a unique insight into the world. One day he meets a police detective who is not that detective-y. Goo Dae-sung is a smooth talker who can divert people's attentions, but he is very, very soft. Dae-sung was a competent and passionate detective, but he changed completely when his partner died 3 years ago. But one thing they have in common is the courage to stand up against the injustice in their community. Their unlikely partnership tackles various problems; a corrupted local welfare facility, cult, sexual violence in the workplace, etc. And, one after another, they are getting closer to more dangerous enemies.

Tags SBS, Drama, comedy, buddy comedy, Kim Nam-gil, Kim Sung-kyun, Lee Ha-nui, Ko Jun, Keum Sae-rok

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