Fatal Intuition

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Fatal Intuition



Director / Writer

Yoon Jun-hyung


Joo Won,Yu Hae-jin,Lee Yoo-young,Ryoo Hye-yeong,Lee Jun-hyuk,Kim Young-woong,Seo Hyun-woo,Kim Min-seo,Jang In-sub,Son Sung-chan,Yoon Da-kyung,Min Sung-wook,Nam Jin-bok,Yeo Min-joo,Choi Y


[Service Expires on 2/28] Jang-woo takes care of his sister, Eun-ji, since their parents passed. He recently is bulled at work, because of resisting to agree to the redevelopment project. He eventually waives his right away and decides to move to Seoul with Eun-ji, but his sister doesn't come home. Three days later, she is found dead. When Jang-woo holds a ritual for her, a mysterious man appears on the scene, and Jang-woo is sure that he is the killer. Meanwhile, Si-eun, a neighboring girl with psychometric ability, feels guilty about Eun-ji's death that she has foreseen. She confesses her ability to Jang-woo, and they set out to find the culprit. Jang-woo chases the evidence in Si-eun's premonitions, and the road leads to the pharmacist with a good reputation. As the police don't believe Jang-woo, he starts his own investigation.



Running Time

109 min

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