Extra-ordinary You : E01


Dan-oh is a high school student suffering from short-term memory loss. When she begins to see visions of the future, she feels like her reality is not real. Dan-oh realizes that she and everyone else are characters in a comic book, and must live out their lives according to the story of drawn out by the author. She also finds out she isn’t even the main character! Dan-oh decides not to follow the plot given to her and live out her own life. She gives classmate #13, a student with no lines and zero importance to the story, a name. As Dan-oh gets to know classmate #13, now named Haru by herself, she begins to fall in love.

Tags MBC,romance,drama,Extra-ordinary You,Kim Hye-yoon,Rowoon,Lee Jae-wook,Lee Na-eun,Jung Gun-ju,Kim Young-dae,Lee Tae-ri,Kim Ji-in,Kim Hyun-mok,Jung Ye-nok,Um Hyo-seob,Choi Jin-ho

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