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At a small hospital in the countryside, there is an eccentric doctor called "Teacher Kim." Supported by Chairman Shin of Geodae Foundation, Kim gradually transforms Doldam Hospital into the trauma-specialized center. Shin died a year ago, and Kim's plan seems to be in crisis. His three students left Doldam, so the hospital is once again short of doctors. Teacher Kim goes to Geodae Hospital to recruit the new ones, and he finds two young fellows: Seo Woo-jin, who is in massive debt and do anything for the money, and Cha Eun-jae, who excelled in school but fails in the OR. Although they have the potential to be good doctors, Kim decides to teach them from the beginning. Furthermore, the ambitious Dr. Park replaces Dr. Yeo as the new hospital chief, and Kim might have to deal with the attacks from both inside and outside.

Tags SBS,drama,medical,dr.romantic 2,Han Suk-kyu,An Hyo-sub,Lee Sung-kyung,Kim Ju-heon,Shin Dong-wook

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