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Dark Figure of Crime : Trailer

Movie Info.


Dark Figure of Crime



Director / Writer

Kim Tae-kyun, Kwak Kyung-taek


Kim Yoon-seok, Ju Ji-hoon


Inspired by a true event, "Dark Figure of the Crime" follows a detective who devotes himself to exposing unknown murder cases. Detective Kim Young-min gets a phone call from a prisoner who he briefly met a few months ago. Kang Tae-oh, who serves 15 years, makes him a list in exchange for money and items. Kim starts the investigation assuming everything on the list is true, but Kang cunningly mixes truth with false. Kim finds a body but fails to link it to the alleged victim. On the second try, he finds the crime scene, yet, he fails to bring Kang to justice due to circumstantial evidence and Kang's claim that Kim has bribed and coerced him to testify. Kim realizes that Kang intends to get a retrial on the ground of his untrustworthy. Nonetheless, he chooses to believe in unheard victims and takes a different approach to make Kang pay for his crimes.



Running Time

110 min

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