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Dali and Cocky Prince : E15


Kim Da-li is an heiress of a wealthy and privileged family who gets a Ph. D. in art studies and works as a researcher at an art gallery abroad. Her life turns upside down when her father dies, and she inherits his art gallery and massive debt. Devastated by the loss and sudden ordeal, Dali tries her best to keep the gallery to protect his father's dream. That's when she meets Moo-hak, a food company executive who is ignorant in art but extraordinary in money-making. At first, he despises art that isolates people like him, but he experiences a new world when he meets Da-li and witnesses the other aspects of art.

Tags drama,romance,comedy,Park Kyu-young,Kim Min-jae,Kwon Yul,Dali and Cocky Prince,KBS

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