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Crazy Noodle Recipe : E01 - 09/29/2020


Koreans DO love ramen. That's why the 'Ramen Laboratory' assemble to find out some ramen recipes to stimulate your appetite. The members are Seo Jang-hoon, known for a particular taste, and Kim Jong-kook, who presents unexpected ramen mukbang. Sung Si-kyung, the unofficial cooking master, Ha Ha, who has unpredictable taste, and Ham Yon-Ji, the eldest daughter of the CEO of a famous ramen company, also join the Laboratory. They look for unknown but brilliant recipes from the hidden corners of the country. There is a 'research fund' for the winner who developed the best recipe! You can watch how a fantastic ramen recipe is made.

Tags MBC, Variety, food, Crazy Noodle Recipe, Seo Jang-hoon, Kim Jong-kook, Ha Ha, Sung Si-kyung

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