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Confidential Assignment



Director / Writer

Kim Seong-Hun,Yoon Hyeon-ho


Hyun Bin,Yu Hae-jin,Kim Joo-hyuk,Jang Young-nam,Lee Dong-hui,Im Yoon-ah,Kong Jeong-hwan,Lee Hae-young,Park Min-ha,Jeon Gook-hwan,Um Hyo-seob,Lee Yi-kyung,Shin Hyun-bin,Park Jin-woo,Park


Lim Chung-ryul, a North Korean detective, was ready for a raid to a counterfeit money factory. Cha Ki-sung, his boss, told him to wait for a backup, but Lim jumped into the scene without an order. The stink turns out to be Cha's set up to get master plates, and Lim lost his wife and colleagues. Cha heads to South Korea to get a deal, and the NK government dispatches Lim to arrest Cha with the help of the SK Government. Lim gets partnered with Kang Jin-Tae, who want to get clear his work record after getting a disciplinary action because of losing the suspect. Of course, the joint investigation is not his real assignment; he has to surveil Lim and report what he is doing. Lim and Kang have only three days to capture Cha and retrieve the plates, but they keep failing to trust each other because of different goals and missions.



Running Time

125 min

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