Come 100 : E03 - 04/15/2019


Long ago, Koreans from all over the world dreamed of independence. Enduring loneliness and hard times, ordinary people sacrificed their lives to support the independence movement. This show intends to discover the forgotten who lead and support the independent movements in foreign countries. A group of celebrities visits China, Russia, France, and other countries to find the fearless fighters who couldn't come back home after home country's independence. While tracing the footsteps of their performances, the group meets the descendants and listens to the stories about their fearless lives in the foreign soil.

Tags variety,documentary,Son Hyun-joo, Huh Il-hoo, Choi Tae-sung, Jung Sang-kyu, Hong Soo-hyun, Daniel Lindemann, Ko Chang-seok, Han Bo-reum, Choi Da-bin, Paul Kim, Han Soo-yeon, Yoon Joo-bin, Lee Dong-hui

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