Coffee Prince : E01


Boy Meets Girl, Boy Falls in Love. Only That He Thought She Was a Boy...

Choi Han-gyul, the heir to a major food company, is a free-spirited man with many talents and a desire to experience everything life has to offer, without having to settle down at one thing. He is constantly under a pressure from his grandmother to take over the family business and get married. In order to put a stop to his grandmother’s badgering, he hires a tomboy Ko Eun-chan to pretend to be his gay lover, mistaking her to be a pretty boy. Upon taking over the small coffee shop his family owns but has gone downhill, Han-gyul decides to try a new kind of business strategy and hires only good looking men and names it “Coffee Prince.” While Eun-chan works at the café under her male disguise, she not only finds her passion in coffee but discovers her true feelings towards Han-gyul.

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