Choco Bank : e05 - A Sad Valentine's Day


Starring EXO’s Kai!

After his father's business fails, Eun-haeng aspires to be a businessman who will get his family back on their feet but he has yet to get his mother's permission. Then one day, he meets an owner of a chocolate store, Cho-co, and decides to start a business with her behind his mother's back. Eun-haeng collects the necessary funds using crowd funding and wins over his customers by sharing new information on finance. Meanwhile, Cho-co finds herself drawn to the savvy businessman as well. Will Eun-haeng be able to win over Cho-co's heart and run a successful business at the same time?

Tags Choco Bank, KBS, TV Cast, drama, Kai, Park Eun-Bin, Yeon Joon-seok, Gong Da-im, watch Choco Bank again

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