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Chip-In : E08 - 08/13/2020


Yoo In-ho is a famous and wealthy painter. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer a year ago, and there are not many days to live. He decides to declare his will to those close to him. Everybody arrives at his mansion: the ex-wife, the mistress, half-brother, nephew, niece, an old friend/manager, housekeeper, and his only daughter. They are very close to each other, but they can also betray one another without hesitation. As one can expect, they don't try to hide their greed on the massive fortune that the painter will leave behind. Yoo and Bit-na, his daughter that emphasize her lonely father, despise them. That night, however, Yoo gets murdered, and everyone in the mansion is likely to be a suspect. The show follows the murder investigation and focuses on the devastating result that greed can bring to the table.

Tags MBC, Drama, Mystery, Chip-In, Kim Hye-jun, Oh Na-ra, Kim Jung-young, Nam Mun-cheol, Lee Yoon-hee

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