Children of Nobody : E01


From that day, Woo-kyung's perfect world started to crack. She turned the handle to avoid a child on the road, but she caused an accident and killed a man. But nobody saw that kid, the little girl in green, except her. So she starts to trace her. That leads to a series of mysterious murders. Some random cases, except the verses from poems left behind in every crime scene. Woo-kyung links every case and finds out those are serial murders by a killer who has a specific target. No one believes in her except Ji-heon, an honest and righteous homicide detective. He values evidence and conducts the investigation based on reasonable doubt. Everything Woo-kyung sounds crazy to him, but he can't hastily rule out the possibility that she might be right. So, they decide to work together to approach the true nature of the crimes.

Tags MBC, Drama, mystery, thriller, Kim Sun-a, Lee Yi-hyung, Nam Gyu-ri, Cha Hak-yeon, Yeon Je-hyung

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